Andy Warhol is Aro Ace

Print. Part 1 of my research-creation series on visual representations of asexuality during masters studies at ECUAD.

October 2018
April 2019 – Featured in group exhibition “Imagining Asexuality: Making Asexual Cultures and Archives” at SFU Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue

Andy Warhol is Ace
Andy Warhol is Aro

This RISOgraph poster series was designed for the 2018 Asexual Awareness Week. Each poster is a combination of Andy Warhol’s photos (Andy Warhol by Duane Michals, 1972) and three quotes that are related to asexuality or aromanticism, printed in the respective flag colours. The quotes reflect different stages, from intuitive thoughts to confusions and self-doubts, of the struggles many asexual and/or aromantic people encounter in life.