Stonemaps – Phase I

The Stonemaps Project is a social experiment/distributed art project about gifting, dialogue, and collaboration, in which imprinted stones are used as physical keys to connect its users to a slow intentional network. The project originated from Vanilla Five Creative Inc. and is situated for incubation and testing at Emily Carr University’s Basically Good Media Lab.

During the incubation phase, I supported the team to develop pilot testing parameters using UX design methods and created iterations of UI prototypes and concept visuals. My work was featured in the project’s conference paper for ISEA 2020, “Stonemaps: A Slow Intentional Network for Collective Sentience”.

Credits to The Stonemaps Research Team:
Hanif Janmohamned, CEO, Vanilla Five Creative. Project Concept.
Maria Lantin, Director, Basically Good Media Lab, ECUAD
Alex Hass, artist/designer at ECUAD
Devon Girard, Software Engineer, Vanilla Five Creative.

This webpage is under construction. Full project details coming soon.